I came up with the name and concept in 2020, in the midst of the first lockdown while living in Maine, USA. I was inspired by In Praise of Idleness by Bertrand Russell.


Realised starting with clothing was something I personally wanted. There were no option made in Europe for the kind of workwear I wanted to wear.


Developed a pattern for the design based off of my personal wardrobe. Pieces I have been wearing since 2010. Some things I like are from modern brands, but most are from things I have be wearing from thrift stores.


I knew I wanted organic fabrics. However, I have a lot to learn about what is available and fabric sourcing. Finally after many samples I found a fabric I like from Spain. It comes undyed and has the right weight to flexibility that I wanted. The buttons I found from a relatively new supplier out of Lithuania. After many back and forths I was happy to get a small run of Milk Casein buttons. They can also be dyed. The cotton cord is from the UK. All plants stuff are purchase from France. They are grown in the EU.


Made in Switzerland at a school that trains Seamstresses and Tailors. I went with 'made here' to help me develop things quickly, and of course know who is really making my clothes. While very happy with the first run, the labor itself accounts for 85% of overall costs. I have taken no money off this first batch and hope that with time we can get more people to spend more on responsibly made clothing. With larger order, we'll be able to streamline and thus bring prices down.


I have dyed this first batch with friends. I couldn't order enough fabric with a custom color. I knew I was unhappy with the polluting dye industry and I like the way raw indigo denim fades. I also love white pants, there are pictures of me from 2008 with white pants. We should let dye, and stains, and patches, and wear and repair tell our own unique stories, rather than simply 'fashion'.

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