What is Dawdlism Pt. 1

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Dawdlism is the manifesto behind the start of The Idle Hours Company. To be explored...

Dawdlism is a soft manifesto for new economics.

Economics is from the root eco and means 'home' while nomos mean 'accounts'.

Somehow, as a society we became obsesses with growing by looking at Macro and Micro economics.

We forgot about the diverse economics (detailed in a later post), and salvage economics, the bricolage, and assemblages that make up the things that we cherish in this world, diversity.

Throw out mono-culture, bring in sub-culture and the multi-verse!

Dawdlists have the same fervor as Dadaism, or the Arte-Util movement, we aim to take back Leisure and Work and throw off the shackles of work/life balance. We aim to make and create and give for the benefit and health of ourselves and our community and mother nature, the big great world that we rely on and that relies on us.

More to come, as we continue to learn. Now that we have slowed down, taken our time, and listened, we can begin to articulate, mobilize and thrive.

This is the economics of de-growth. Or better yet a holistic economics that looks at more than growing and growing in a world of finite resources.

Checking out and tuning in.

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