We got into business to change things, here are our plans for the future.

A shared space

We want to as soon as possible create a place of exchange. Maker space is the wrong idea. Shop is not quite what we are after. But a place to find our products, showcase others designers, but also have workshops and skills exchange.

Small Scale Manufacturing

We are using local manufacturers already. They actually train people to become tailors and seamstresses. We think small scale, micro production is possible and with the help of technology and education, offers a reasonable way to bring back competitive advantage to European production.


Of course we already use natural fibers, natural dyes, biodegradable buttons, etc. But as companies like Patagonia are showing, making completely regenerative supply chains is very difficult. As we get more established and growing our community we plan on making a fully closed loop system.

Worker Cooperative

We believe in creating wealth for our employees and partners. As students of ownership models, we think that through paying fair wages and education we can become 100% employee-owned. Doing that will take a lot of work (more on that another time) but for now it means growing slowly and not taking on outside investment from people who don't align with our mission.


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